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Life Insurance

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Only 59% of Americans have life insurance, and about half of those are underinsured according to LMIRA. 

Average Funeral costs $9135-$12000

Average Cremation Cost $3000

Average End-of-Life costs $13445

Widows will lose up to 50% of their monthly income when a spose passes away.  Cash values can be used as emergency fund for unexpected costs i.e. car breakdowns, Mortgage Protection, Spouse Survivor, College Planning, Retirement Savings, Funeral Expenses, Pay Loans/Debts, Wealth Transfer and so much more.  Just ask your broker Jamila Woodson for more information

Types of Life Insurance


Affordable coverage  for ages 0-89

Children's Whole Life starting at $2.92/month

Cremation Plans starting at $8.24/month

$25,000 Adult Whole Life starting at $49.68/month

$250,000 Term Life starting at $12.69/month

$100,000 Mortgage Protection starting at $39.81/month Cash back options available

$1000,000 Family Accidental plans starting at $22.49/month

*Additional health discounts may apply.  Child and Grandchild riders available for $0.80 and up*

Additional Products and Services

Additional Health Benefits with FREE Wellcard

Free Dental, Vision, Hearing and Prescription Discount Plan Included.
Sign up today and receive a FREE Lifetime WellCard membership.  Save thousands of dollars a year on costly medical expenses.  Use at participating pharmacies, dentist, eye doctors, vision providers, hearing aid providers and more.  Just ask your Broker Jamila Woodson and she will be happy to provide you all the details.

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Valued Partnerships

Families today come in all colors and combinations.  From our traditional family, to our blended families of all religions, color, sexual orientation or origin, all our clients are equal in the eyes of God and man and all are deserving of the best we can offer for your special family.  Please reach out and contact us to schedule an appoint to review your needs.

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